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Updated: Feb 26, 2023

I will start with a topic that is near and dear to me; Bullying!

One of the most heartless and horrible behaviours that someone can have. Whether it’s because of your good heart, looks, hobbies, clothes, or for any reason, someone can decide they have an issue with you! Whether it’s a phase, because of a personality disorder such as narcissism (more on this later) or a result of their home life, unless you are prepared to stand up to them strategically, they won’t stop!.. How do I know? Because I have been bullied and have a narcissistic family that takes every opportunity they can get to unleash their ugliness. But they do not hurt me or get anywhere near me. This is what you need to become! Empowered with knowledge and backed up with action! - Follow me to learn more!

You need to learn how to rise above the experience and show the world the unique qualities you have that annoy that one person and their flock!

How do I do this? You ask! Try surrounding yourself with loved ones that know who you are! Ask them to remind you how beautiful you are if you have forgotten! Stay true to yourself, your morals, and your beliefs, and do what you love (no matter what anyone thinks!) ❤️ Go to a martial arts club and learn some self-defence! Or join a sports/hobby club and surround yourself with like-minded people! The aim is to build so much confidence that it does not matter what negativity comes your way!

Most importantly, remember that the only opinions worth your time and attention to are those of your loved ones! Your best friend(s)! - No one else‘s opinions matter! Especially if they are negative and stop you from growing! ❤️

Tips to start straight away:

(If your bullies have your contact details):

- Change your phone number and keep it private! (Only give it to loved ones and best friend(s)!

- Change your email address and keep it private! (Only give it to loved ones and best friend(s)!

- “Unfriend and Block” haters! Because it doesn’t matter what they say and do if you are unaware! (Remember, all that matters is what you, your loved ones and your best friend(s) think!)

- Be active and happy! Get out of your room and enjoy the things that you love to do! Happiness and confidence are something haters will never have. So, live your best life!

👉🏼 You can do this! I believe in you! ❤️



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