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Health Conditions A-Z!

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What is your condition? Symptoms? Tips and Tricks? - Feature Here!

*Readers are warned that the content described in these "community posts" contains medical information and may be upsetting to some people. Please read with caution. The content has been supplied by a person living with chronic/invisible illnesses. We advise discretion and highly recommend you do not self-diagnose and seek advice from a medical professional.

A personal description of what Addison's disease is based on lived experience

Addison's Disease

A rare autoimmune condition that stops your adrenal glands producing hormones!

A detailed description of Crohn's disease by someone who has a lived experience with the chronic illness

Crohn's Disease

One of two major Inflammatory Bowel Diseases!

A community member's story about Depression. What it is, symptoms and living with the condition


Considered to be a pervasive mood disorder!

Lived experience with Fetus in Fetu! - Discovering what it was and how it was treated!

Fetus in Fetu (FIF)

Fetus in Fetu is a rare congenital anomaly in which a malformed fetus grows within the body of its twin!

A brief introduction to Long QT Syndrome, causes, symptoms, management and treatment

Long QT Syndrome

A heart condition that affects the electrical aspect of your heart

A community member's story about Pernicious Anemia. What it is, symptoms and living with the condition

Pernicious Anemia

An auto-immune condition that affects the body's ability to absorb B12!

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