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Welcome to My2Feet the website of my2feetandibd_ (Instagram).

This awareness movement is close to my heart as I have battled with Crohn's disease for 16 years and at times felt invisible because of this chronic (lifelong), debilitating condition. With the help of our community, I hope to grow this awareness each year! 💜💪🏼 

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We Are Not Invisible!

This project was inspired by so many members of our wee community. Knowing just what IBD can do to someone both mentally and physically I was drawn to make sure that everyone knew that despite battling a condition that effects us internally more than externally making it an "invisible" condition to outsiders looking in. This condition (Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis) - and Diversion Colitis an iatrogenic form of IBD can have a huge impact on someone's life. Both physically and mentally. Why? Because it is considered an "invisible" condition which means that it is not visible to outsiders looking in. But guess what? It is far from being an "invisible" illness to the sufferers of these chronic, debilitating condition.

This wee awareness movement is to remind people that although there conditions seem "invisible" they are far from that. They are fighters and warriors that battle physically and mentally to cope with symptoms that can appear at any stage and can cause ongoing toileting issues, abdominal pain which can lead to wanting to isolate and become invisible because its easier to do that than to explain time and time again that your tired because you didn't get much sleep due to pain or needing to go to the loo often. This movement is to prove that although our condition is invisible - we are not invisible!


REMEMBER: - "I am not invisible!" "You are not invisible!" - "We are not invisible!'

There can be similar misconceptions around other "invisible" illnesses. That is why I am passionate about sharing  others stories and sharing their conditions.

- "With education comes understanding, with understanding comes awareness, with awareness comes acceptance, with acceptance comes diversity and with diversity comes inclusion!" - Leah

Reach out if you would like to connect or collaborate with me and share your story! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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