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My2Feet parents John and Sue Rangiwhetu

Mum and Dad

Sue and John Rangiwhetu, are two uniquely special people who chose to love three adopted children as their own. They are the most loving, caring, giving, and hard-working parents I have known. My dad had a heart of gold and was incredibly giving, loving and caring. A very hard-working man that allowed us so many fantastic holidays at home and overseas. My Mum was loving and nurturing, someone I only truly understood now that I have lost her. They are my home, my safe place, my strength, confidence. They helped to shape me into the person I am today. We share a lot in common and somethings I have formed from my own experiences.

This page is dedicated to my Mum and Dad. Gone but not forgotten. Always loved, always honored, always missed. Thank you for being you and for all you did for us. XXOO



Always so magical and special. From themed cakes to party games, lots of love and spoiling, we were so lucky and so blessed. My favourite themed cake was a Mickey Mouse cake.

Cafe Lifestyle

Growing up we were always in a cafe somewhere. Mainly Upper-Hutt or Lower-Hutt. Almost every weekend. Cafe's included the Balcony Cafe, Buttercup Cafe........


Once again, always so magical and special. All the treats you can think of and presents, we were so lucky. I remember getting presents that were sporty, practical, challenging and relative to what we were into. We were so spoiled.


Growing up I remember my Mum getting me to try new things, she would teach me affirmations and encourage me in anything I did. I had so much confidence that it helped me to tackle lots of barriers with strength and motivation.

Overseas Holidays

My Dad was the cargo supervisor for Air New Zealand in Wellington. We were blessed with lots of holidays. Our popular destinations were USA, Hawaii and Hong Kong. We would all dress up and would be so excited. I always remember my Dad in his handmade suits from Hong Kong and a smile on his face from ear to ear. He was so proud.

Love and Care

Mum and Dad were two selfless people who loved us as their own and did all they could to support our different personalities and genetics. Their love, care and compassions were unwavering. The type of love and care that created safety and security. They will always be my home and heart.


A collection of photos that I have been able to get. I will add to this as I find more. I hope that those who knew my Mum and Dad share what they have. Thank you. XO

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